art direction


“empowered and in power” — April 2019

Oversaw the design of this package, and helped provide a variety of different design techniques to each spread while continuing to further the message intended by the opening spread design. Also helped problem-solve the cover design for this package on a quick turnaround after we received the photos for this story three days before sending the magazine to the printer.

“paquin provides” — April 2019

Assisted the designer in creating a purposeful amount of white space in a long form story — with great photography — that was confined to only three spreads.

“sam” — April 2019

Developed a minimal design element for a photo package and helped the designer think creatively and develop spatial awareness when it came to adding white space to the spread.

“the race against waste” — march 2019

Digitized illustrations and walked the designer through setting up feature designs and how to further her cover concept onto interior spread pages.

“smoker’s paradise” — march 2019

Collaborated with the designer to elevate her design concepts and add elements to the inside spreads that were as striking as the opener.

“ruth acuff: the everyday rock star” — march 2019

Aided the designer in working in a sidebar to her feature package, and helped her work a full page photo into a story that editors did not want to make a lot of alterations.

true/false film fest 2019 special issue

Taught a class of designers how to develop a concept for a magazine, and how to layout magazine pages and stories that carry that concept throughout the issue. Helped them work through any system problems they had, and taught them how to work with editors on their designs.