Brooklyn (Bushwick) based print and digital designer. Previously the creative director of Vox Magazine in Columbia, Missouri. 

I was taught that good design stands out, but great design goes unnoticed by the untrained eye. My goal is to combine the two: I start every project with the intent to create something that makes people look — and think — twice.

My applicable-but-not-resume-worthy skills include a growing ability to recognize fonts in public, a passion for all things pop culture and social justice, a determination to create not only a positive working environment but a fun one, and an always-growing fondness for trying new things and exploring new ideas. I think 10 steps ahead, make sure my voice is heard and treat people with respect and empathy, always. I also hate fruit and raccoons, but love Cleveland sports and Rihanna.

download a copy of my resume here

kellynnettles1@gmail.com / 216.536.3447